Commit notification emails lists undisclosed recipients in To: field.

Issue #427 resolved
Ronak Rahman
created an issue

Our notifications show up as:

Message-ID: ... Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="----=_Part_4_779913225.1376066893257" To: undisclosed-recipients:;

It should send to the list added in the Notify tab of repositories. This breaks existing email filter rules and spam filters.

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    The "undisclosed-recipients" is because we are using bcc instead of to for the mail. We are doing this to send only one mail for all recipients and the recipients should not see the e-mail address of the other recipients. To avoid "undisclosed-recipients" we have to send one mail for each recipient.

  2. Tavis Elliott

    In this case, the email address is a distribution list, so there is no issue with multiple recipients.

    Would it be acceptable to submit a patch to add an option for "TO", or "BCC"?

  3. Tavis Elliott

    Alternatively, we could have the system put the central mail From as the To. In this case, we have "". That would also be acceptable.

    (I'm not sure how to get access to that information from DefaultNotifyHandler, however)

  4. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    After some thinking i've decided to send one mail per user instead of one mail with bcc. Because the if one address in the bcc is wrong no recipient get a mail and with this approach we could safely use the to address.

  5. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    I've deployed version 1.4-SNAPSHOT. You can test the snapshot as described below:

    Install snapshot version of scm-notify-plugin:

    • Login in as administrator
    • Open Config->General
    • Change "Plugin Repository" parameter snapshot from false to true
    • Open Plugins
    • Install version 1.4-SNAPSHOT of the scm-notify-plugin
    • Reopen Config->General
    • Change "Plugin Repository" parameter snapshot from true to false
    • Restart your applicationserver
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