Jira integration generates invalid links

Issue #430 invalid
Tavis Elliott
created an issue

I committed a change which had a Jira ticket # in it. The email that was delivered looked like this:


Both of the strings "BIIT-33405" were hyperlinks, but the first one doesn't go anywhere, while the second one is correct.

View source shows this:

jiraID: <a target="_blank" href="https://jira.apptio.lan/browse/&lt;a target=" _blank?="" href="https://jira.apptio.lan/browse/BIIT-33405">BIIT-33405</a>&quot;&gt;<a target="_blank" href="https://jira.apptio.lan/browse/BIIT-33405">BIIT-33405</a></a>

It looks like the code that replaces "BIIT-33405" with a hyperlink is being executed twice.

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  1. Tavis Elliott reporter

    I can't get the Jira plugin to modify the notify emails in my dev environment (mvn scmp:run) at all. Does the user need to have Jira credentials for the link to be updated in the email?

  2. Tavis Elliott reporter

    Marking this invalid, we've updated to the latest version of the notify plugin, and with my changes to put commit messages inside <pre></pre>, this doesn't reproduce.

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