Adding user to group in directory service not recognized until change of permissions

Issue #438 resolved
created an issue

When you add an user to a group in your directory service (bound to scm-manager through the ldap-plugin) it won't let users access the repository until you make some changes to permissions and/or groups.

  1. Create repository
  2. Add write permission for group from Active Directory to the repository
  3. Access repo by using a member of the AD-group and do something (works)
  4. Add another user to the AD-group
  5. Try to access the repository with the newly added AD-user (won't work)
  6. Create a new group in SCM-Manager and save it
  7. Access the repository with the user from steps 4/5 (will work)

It doesn't matter how long you wait between 2 access attempts except there is a server restart or a permission change between the 2 attempts. It's the same with removing a user from an active directory group.

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