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Issue #443 resolved

User with read right can't access repository

Pavel Potcheptsov
created an issue

Hello Sebastian. I believe that such issue didn't present in versions early then 1.31. For lot of repositories we have created one user with read permission to use them from Redmine (browse repositories from redmine's project page) and from Jenkins (to check out and build projects). After upgrade to 1.31 and now to 1.33 user with read only permission can't access repositories. I have tried even with browser and no luck. To reproduce: 1) create new repo (svn or git) 2) create user with password 3) assign this user with read right 4) open new repo from browser with new user

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I can not reproduce this issue. Could you please login as administrator and open the following url with a browser:

    • /scm/api/rest/support

    Please attach the resulting page to this issue.

  2. Pavel Potcheptsov reporter

    SCM-Manager support information

    Information for SCM-Manager support. Version

    Version: 1.33
    StoreFactory: sonia.scm.store.JAXBStoreFactory


    Anonymous Access Enabled: false
    Enable Proxy: false
    Force Base Url: false
    Disable Grouping Grid: false
    Enable Repository Archive: true

    Installed Plugins



    Free Memory: 5540128
    Total Memory: 23986176
    Max Memory: 253427712
    Available Processors: 1


    OS: Linux
    Architecture: 32
    ServletContainer: SCM_SERVER
    Java: Sun Microsystems Inc./1.6.0_24
    Local: en_US
    TimeZone: Europe/Kiev

    Repository Handlers

    Git/git (scm-git-plugin/1.33 org.eclipse.jgit/
    Subversion/svn (scm-svn-plugin/1.33 svnkit/1.7.10-scm3)
  3. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    That is really strange. Are you able to login with such a user? Did you see the the repository in the grid? Please enable trace logging and post the output of a read only user login.

  4. Pavel Potcheptsov reporter

    Sorry for the wasting time. I have found issue. When user's settings looks like this: scm1 then you can access. But if you accidentally click there, you'll get: scm2 and you can't open repo. Maybe there should be empty string checking?

  5. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Yes, this is correct. But the empty permissions are not stored and if i reload the page they are gone. However i found another problem with global permission, they are not stored correctly. It seems that only one global permission is stored across restarts.

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