Change password dialogue quirks

Issue #448 resolved
created an issue

When hitting the "Change Password" button two dialogue boxes are displayed. The first one only contains the "Old Password" and "Confirm Password" inputs and too many empty lines with the "New Password: " label. You can reach the second input by clicking into the first box and tabbing to the second input.

The second dialogue box looks almost right as long as the first dialogue box is opened and gets more empty lines inserted when you close the first dialogue. Although it seems to have all needed input boxes you can't change the password.

Installed plugins are: - scm-groupmanager-plugin - scm-userrename-plugin - scm-auth-ldap-plugin - scm-jira-plugin - scm-pathwp-plugin Current SCM-Manager-Version is: 1.34-Snapshot 23 (Build #738)

This bug is not critical for me because I'm using AD authentication but it would be good not to have this bug in the next release :)

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