scm-activedirectory-auth-plugin create uppercase usernames

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first of all. It's a great tool with very easy setup.

After installing the scm-activedirectory-auth-plugin I could login as scmadmin and normal AD-user e.g. a123. In the userlist there is a new user "A123" with all additional information from AD like email and so on.

After logout and trying to login again. It always says "login failed, wrong username or password", but I used the same as for the first login. If I use the username "A123", with uppercase letter the login is working fine. But logging in with lowercase letter "a123" is only working for the first time, if the user not already exists in scm-managers userlist.

Could you always try to handle AD-usernames as entered and without case modifications?

Kind regards, Michael

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  1. maugustin reporter

    Sorry. I don't know what I've changed now, but after writing this issue the problem is not occuring anymore. I can login with lowercase letters in username even if the userlist only includes uppercase letters.

    Sorry about that. You can close this issue or delete it.

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