Can't upgrade scm-manager on Windows

Issue #459 resolved
Mike Embry
created an issue

Tried to upgrade scm-manager 1.32 on Windows 7 32-bit to version 1.33. Starting Windows service aborts with an error. Running scm-manager.bat with either uninstallService or installService hangs. Have waited as long as an hour and batch script still hanging. Just tried upgrading to version 1.3.4. Same results.

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  1. Mike Embry reporter

    Deleting service made it worse. Still hanging on installService at the part where it says "use URL for mercurial hooks" but not there is no service to start up when I revert to scm-manager 1.32. Will see if I can start it up manually.

  2. Mike Embry reporter

    Got it to work. From issue #74, I needed to run "scm-server.bat install" instead of "scm-server.bat installService" which is what was hanging. Might want to update the wiki to make things a little clearer in case you need to delete the service and re-install.

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