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I have problems with the LDAP-authentication. The LDAP plugin was working properly for a long time. Since version 1.33 (or 1.32, I don't remember exactly), we have the problem, that LDAP-users cannot login to the webinterface anymore. There is no error message that the password is wrong, just the login-popup reappears.

When I log in with the scmadmin user and provide the Administrator-role to an LDAP-user, the user can login again. But this workaround cannot be the solution...

I've attached the trace from a LDAP-user login (florian.neuhaus), but I see no errors. Also the "Test Connection" in the configuration works well (all green). I've cleared the browser cache and used different browsers...

Any clues?

Thank you very much, Florian

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner
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    It looks like your LDAP has a referral to a host which is unknown by the scm-manager server. If you do not need informations from this referral in scm-manager, then you could try to set "Referral Strategy" to "IGNORE". You can find these settings at Config->General->Ldap Authentication.

  2. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    There is a strange line in the log:

    TRACE sonia.scm.security.AuthorizationCollector - add permission null for user xxx

    This should never happen. Could you try another login and check the output of a javascript console (Chorme or Firefox)? Are there any errors? Could you please post the content of conf/security.xml?

  3. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    Ok, the file is wrong. There has to be a permission element, which defines the permission for the group. Could you please stop scm-manager, remove the security file, start scm-manager and try to login?

  4. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    The question is how could you create an empty permission? I've tried to reproduce it, without success. I can create an empty permission in the ui, but it is not stored. Are you able to reproduce it?

  5. florian_neuhaus reporter

    Hm... you are right. I cannot reproduce the issue either. I guess the entry was made in an earlier version of scm-manager, as I never edited the xml manually.

    Thanks for helping me find the error! Keep up the great work!

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