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Cannot update plugins due to firewall

Peter Kristiansen
created an issue


We have scm-manager running on a machine behind a firewall which prohibits communication with the internet.

We do have the option to open specific connections though. In order to be able to update the plugins would it suffice to allow communication to (and everything underneath that)? All the plugins we have installed refer to under the URL.

If it is not possible to pinpoint which openings we need, is it possible to install the plugins manually?

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  1. Peter Kristiansen reporter

    Hi Sebastian,

    It appears that opening to those sites is not enough. So far we've identified and is also contacted, and refused by the firewall, meaning I still can't update the plugins.

    It is possible to update an installation running on another machine, and I have requested running a trace on that machine when I install/update plugins to see which sites are involved.

    While waiting for that, as that may take some time, can you see from your setup which sites are needed in addition to those already identified?

    br Peter

  2. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    You are right i've forgotten maven central and repository. The pages which are contacted during are plugin installation are the following:

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