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Robert created an issue

We recently switched to scm-manager and we use mercurial as our default scm. In mercurial we don't use named-branches but the clone-per-branch model. In our old setup we used a directory structure like this:

{{{ + Project | - 2.3 | - 2.4 | - 3.0 + OtherProject | - 1.1 ... }}}

So Project and OtherProject are just directories and the sub directories are mercurial repositories (clones-per-branch).

Currently scm-manager only supports a flat structure. We had to rename our structure to something like Project-2.3 and OtherProject-1.1.

I think it would be nice if we could use the directory structure again. This should also work for other scms. Maybe just to categorize your repostitories or maybe like us, to group your branches.

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  1. Robert reporter

    Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for implementing this feature. I haven't had much time yet to test this snapshot, but it seems to work great! Next week, I will try to add all our existing repositories to see if it works.

    It seems more people from the mailing list are interested in this feature. Maybe they can test this snapshot too, before you release a new version.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Can you please provide some tutorial how to use this feature? Thank you in advance

  3. Jason Sachs

    Can you please provide some tutorial how to use this feature? Thank you in advance

    ^bump: how do we use it?

  4. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    Please have a look at the question "Can I create a directory structure for scm-manager repositories?" of the faq.

  5. TheRock1987

    Is it possible to achieve a deeper folder structure with this approach? e.g.

    - SDK
    -- iOS
    --- Development
    ---- 1.0
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