Unable to delete repositories in subfolders

Issue #476 resolved
D Sharp
created an issue

Repositories that are not in root (for example MyCustomer/MyProject) cannot be deleted once something has been committed.

  • We have archiving enabled
  • We are using Zoo Manager and IIS to host SCM
  • We are using the 1.35 snapshot version provided in this issue: https://bitbucket.org/sdorra/scm-manager/issue/470/allow-group-names-with-spaces
  • When trying to delete the file from the web server itself we get an error that the file is locked
  • This does not happen when the repository is in the root
  • This does not happen when the repository is empty

Steps to reproduce

  • Create the repository in a subfolder MyCustomer/MyProject
  • Commit files to the new repository
  • Archive the repository in SCM
  • Try to delete the repository in SCM
  • Got error 'Repository deletion failed'

Included the stack trace as attachment.

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  1. Scott Telle

    I am seeing this error happening - I was excited so I downloaded the snapshot scm-webapp-1.35-20131110.150517-18.war. Unfortunately it didn't fix my issue.

    Steps to repoduce: Create a new repository in SCM-Manager Clone the repository through the scm - url. add a readme.txt commit and push delete repository from within scm-manager.

    If I don't add at least one commit, this doesn't happen. I can attach my log file, but the exception looks like it's the same as the one from the original post.

    16:21:09.097 [qtp341548715-24] ERROR sonia.scm.api.rest.resources.RepositoryResource - error during create
    java.io.IOException: could not delete file D:\repositories\sandbox\objects\pack\pack-4da512f8b1cde488a3ef8084cc73209fbe5af70c.pack
        at sonia.scm.util.IOUtil.delete(IOUtil.java:408) ~[scm-core-1.35-SNAPSHOT.jar:na]

    Would you like me to open a separate issue?

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