Issue #477 resolved

Could not see YouTrack plugin settings until userrepo plugin was uninstalled

Mike Embry
created an issue

Many thanks for creating a YouTrack plugin!

Have been busy and only started working with this plugin recently.

One early problem to report is that we couldn't see any of the YouTrack settings after installing the YouTrack plugin until we uninstalled the userrepo plugin.

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  1. Mike Embry reporter

    Did not look at error console. Sorry. For some reason, immediately suspected a conflict with an existing plugin and IIRC the userrepo plugin was the second one that I uninstalled and the YouTrack settings became visible after that. Did try rebooting system and different browsers before that. The YouTrack settings didn't show up until after uninstalling userrepo plugin. All plugins we used were up to date too.

  2. Mike Embry reporter

    Copy-and-paste below. Started working after userrepo plugin uninstalled. Did uninstall username plugin before that. And before that, uninstalled and re-installed issue-tracker plugin. And long ago both jira and redmine plugins had been installed then uninstalled.

    Administration (2 Plugins) scm-groupmanager-plugin TRIOLOGY GmbH Adds the possibility to define group managers who can manage group members. 1.1 Install scm-userrename-plugin Sebastian Sdorra This plugin allows to rename a user, inclusive all permissions. 1.0 Install Authentication (4 Plugins) scm-activedirectory-auth-plugin David M. Carr Plugin for using Active Directory as an authentication handler. 1.8 Uninstall scm-auth-ldap-plugin Thorsten Ludewig SCM-Manager LDAP Plugin 1.19 Install scm-crowd-plugin Stephan Oudmaijer Plugin that provides support for (SSO) authentication against Atlassian Crowd. 1.6 Install scm-htpasswd-plugin TRIOLOGY GmbH Use .htpasswd files for authentication. 1.1 Install Continuous Integration (2 Plugins) scm-bamboo-plugin Stephan Oudmaijer This plugin will ping your Bamboo CI server when a new commit is pushed to SCM-Manager. 1.1 Install scm-jenkins-plugin Sebastian Sdorra This plugin will ping your Jenkins CI server when a new commit is pushed to SCM-Manager. 1.7 Install Development (3 Plugins) scm-checkstyle-plugin TRIOLOGY GmbH Integrates Checkstyle into SCM-Manager. 1.0 Install scm-graph-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Creates an Google Guice injection graph 1.5 Install scm-script-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Script support for scm-manager. 1.4 Install Git (1 Plugin) scm-git-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Plugin for the version control system Git 1.34 Issue-Tracking (4 Plugins) scm-bugzilla-plugin TRIOLOGY GmbH Integrates Bugzilla into the SCM-Manager. 1.1 Install scm-jira-plugin Sebastian Sdorra This plugin integrates Atlassian JIRA to SCM-Manager. 1.11 Install scm-redmine-plugin Marvin Froeder This plugin integrates Redmine to SCM-Manager. 1.1 Install scm-youtrack-plugin Sebastian Sdorra This plugin integrates YouTrack to SCM-Manager. 1.0 Uninstall Library Plugin (3 Plugins) scm-issuetracker-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Helper classes for issuetracker plugins. 1.1 Uninstall scm-mail-plugin Sebastian Sdorra The mail plugin provides an api for sending e-mails. This api can be used by other plugins. 1.4 Install scm-scheduler-plugin Sebastian Sdorra The scheduler plugin provides an api for other plugins to execute scheduled jobs. The plugin is based on quartz project. 1.0 Install Mercurial (1 Plugin) scm-hg-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Plugin for the version control system Mercurial 1.34 Miscellaneous (19 Plugins) scm-activity-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Shows the latest activity from your repositories. 1.9 Uninstall scm-archive-plugin Sebastian Sdorra The plugin is able to create a zip archive of a repository revision. 1.1 Install scm-authormapping-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Lookup and transform usernames to the real names stored in the scm-manager user database or in a mapping table. 1.2 Install scm-branchwp-plugin Sebastian Sdorra This plugin adds branch write protection for repositories. 1.1 Install scm-bzr-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Plugin for the version control system Bazaar 1.6 Install scm-filteredviews-plugin Chuck Rolek This will be a Filtered View plugin for SCM-Manager. 1.0 Install scm-fork-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Support for forks and pull requests. 1.1 Install scm-gravatar-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Gravatar icons for the changesetviewer. 1.5 Install scm-hgnested-plugin Sebastian Sdorra This plugin allows the creation of an alias for nested mercurial repositories. For more informations have a look at 1.1 Install scm-message-regex-plugin Marvin Froeder This plugin allows to validate each commit message using a regular expression. 1.0 Install scm-notify-plugin Sebastian Sdorra This plugin sends automated email notifications to a list of subscribed addresses whenever a repo has changes. 1.4 Install scm-pam-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Using pam as an authentication handler. 1.0 Install scm-pathwp-plugin Sebastian Sdorra This plugin adds path write protection for repositories. 1.1 Install scm-pushlog-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Tracks who pushed what to a repository. 1.0 Install scm-sample-auth Sebastian Sdorra Sample Authentication Plugin 1.34 Install scm-sample-hello Sebastian Sdorra A simple hello world plugin 1.34 Install scm-statistic-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Build statistics for every repository. 1.5 Install scm-userrepo-plugin Sebastian Sdorra This plugin allows regular users to create repositories. 1.7 Install scm-webhook-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Notify a remote webserver whenever a repository is pushed to. 1.4 Install Subversion (2 Plugins) scm-svn-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Plugin for the version control system Subversion 1.34 scm-svnuser-plugin Sebastian Sdorra Lookup and transform svn usernames to the real names stored in the scm-manager user database. 1.1 Install

  3. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    I've tested again and installed the following plugins.

    • scm-youtrack-plugin
    • scm-activity-plugin
    • scm-userrepo-plugin
    • scm-issuetracker-plugin (dependency of scm-youtrack-plugin)

    But i could not reproduce the issue. Did the error occur again, when you install the scm-userrepo-plugin? Which version of scm-manager do you use? Could you please post the .scm/plugins/classpath.xml file?

  4. Mike Embry reporter

    Thanks for continuing to look into this.

    Classpath file contains:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <classpath> <path>\sonia\scm\plugins\scm-issuetracker-plugin\1.1\scm-issuetracker-plugin-1.1.jar</path> <path>\sonia\scm\plugins\scm-youtrack-plugin\1.0\scm-youtrack-plugin-1.0.jar</path> <path>\sonia\youtrack\youtrack-api\0.1.0\youtrack-api-0.1.0.jar</path> <path>\com\sun\jersey\jersey-client\1.17.1\jersey-client-1.17.1.jar</path> <path>\com\sun\jersey\contribs\jersey-apache-client\1.17.1\jersey-apache-client-1.17.1.jar</path> <path>\commons-httpclient\commons-httpclient\3.1\commons-httpclient-3.1.jar</path> <path>\commons-logging\commons-logging\1.0.4\commons-logging-1.0.4.jar</path> <path>\commons-codec\commons-codec\1.2\commons-codec-1.2.jar</path> <path>\sonia\scm\plugins\scm-activity-plugin\1.9\scm-activity-plugin-1.9.jar</path> <path>\net\java\dev\rome\rome\1.0.0\rome-1.0.0.jar</path> <path>\jdom\jdom\1.0\jdom-1.0.jar</path> <path>\sonia\scm\plugins\scm-activedirectory-auth-plugin\1.8\scm-activedirectory-auth-plugin-1.8.jar</path> <path>\org\jvnet\com4j\typelibs\ado20\1.0\ado20-1.0.jar</path> <path>\org\jvnet\com4j\typelibs\active-directory\1.0\active-directory-1.0.jar</path> <path>\org\jvnet\com4j\com4j\20120426-2\com4j-20120426-2.jar</path> </classpath>

    What I could do to help is restore a older copy of our scm-manager from backups and try to recreate the problem. Do have to wait for a good window to take scm-manager down. May not be until the end of the week. If I can recreate the problem, what type of debugging did you want me to do?

  5. mike_embry

    For some reason, my previous Bitbucket account stopped working.

    Haven't been able to look at this until now due to business travel and holidays.

    Just tried to revert to older version for debugging but ran into Issue #459 again. Team didn't want to risk messing with the Windows service now that we have it working. I'll try recreating the problem on another PC when I can.

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