Filter and search functionality in Repositories tab

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We have about 150 subversion repositories and about 50 mercurial repositories at our server. With 200 repositories in the repositories view it's kind of hard to find the repository you were looking for.

I propose the following filter/search options: a filter to show the repositories of a certain type a search field that filters the view based on the repository name (i.e. with some ajax search like google instant uses)

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  1. Robert reporter

    I just tried it and it works great!

    There's only one small issue: If I have a filter selected (i.e. Mercurial) and I create a new repository, the view isn't filtered anymore, even though the filter is still set to Mercurial. The view is still filtered by the search option.

    A good solution would be to reset the filters/search options, because I think it's confusing if you create a new repository and you don't see it immediately. Maybe it's even clearer if the repository is automatically selected when you just created it.

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