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Scott Telle
created an issue

We just started using scm-manager. We are using Active Directory to authenticate our users. As the administrator of the system, I created users for each of the developers - giving them the appropriate permissions.

When they tried to log in with their AD accounts, they couldn't because scm-manager thought they were xml user types rather than AD. I was able to get around this by editing the config file, but it'd be a nice option to toggle user types when creating the user.

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  1. Jan Börner

    Hello Scott, LDAP/AD-users will be created automatically after their first successful login attempt. You can define permissions to repositories or groups even if their are not existing by type in the login names in the text box of the permission section.

  2. Scott Telle reporter

    Hi Jan - thanks for your response! You are correct, I was looking to give my developers access to all repositories - even ones not yet created. I guess a better way would be to have an AD group for them, and manage it that way.

    Thanks again!

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