Cannot create repo because directory exists

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André Klitzing
created an issue

If I enable userrepo-plugin with the follow configuration it is possible that it cannot create a repository.

Name pattern: {1}/{0}

If there is a repository with name "example" and a user "example" it is not possible that this user can create own repositories. Of course this is because the directory exists and that's a problem in organizing but maybe there could be a better error message or warning to avoid confusing.


 13:22:07.385 [http-bio-8080-exec-9] ERROR sonia.scm.userrepo.UserRepositoryService - could not create new repository
  java.lang.RuntimeException: sonia.scm.repository.RepositoryAllreadyExistExeption
   at ~[scm-userrepo-plugin-1.7.jar:na]
   at ~[DefaultAdministrationContext.class:na]
   at ~[DefaultAdministrationContext.class:na]
   at sonia.scm.userrepo.UserRepositoryService.create( ~[scm-userrepo-plugin-1.7.jar:na]
   at sonia.scm.userrepo.UserRepositoryResource.create( [scm-userrepo-plugin-1.7.jar:na]

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