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Issue #494 resolved

No changes for a pull request

André Klitzing
created an issue

If a user created a fork of a repository and wants to create a pull request without any new changesets he will get an "unknown error" message. It would be better if there is a better error message that will inform the user that there is nothing for a pull request.

By the way.. thanks for that fast bug fixing. :-)

19:04:47.508 [http-bio-8080-exec-5] WARN  sonia.scm.fork.PullRequestResource - could not create pull request
sonia.scm.fork.NoOutgoingChangesException: null
   at sonia.scm.fork.PullRequestService.checkCreateable(PullRequestService.java:484) ~[scm-fork-plugin-1.2.jar:na]
   at sonia.scm.fork.PullRequestService.create(PullRequestService.java:225) ~[scm-fork-plugin-1.2.jar:na]
   at sonia.scm.fork.PullRequestResource.create(PullRequestResource.java:150) ~[scm-fork-plugin-1.2.jar:na]