Wrong git notification url (to many slashes in notification url)

Issue #510 resolved
Thomas Chojecki
created an issue

I'm trying to set up a global trigger for my jenkins.

The scm-manager runs behind an apache proxy with a forced base url to http://host/scm/

All works fine with this settings. I have configured the jenkins pull to "H 0 * " and add the jenkins url to the configuration like http://host/jenkins

After pushing changes, the log shows the following lines

15:46:12.472 [Hook-2] DEBUG sonia.scm.net.URLHttpClient - fetch 'http://host/jenkins/git/notifyCommit?url=http://host/scm//git/Project2' 15:46:17.494 [Hook-2] INFO sonia.scm.jenkins.JenkinsGlobalHookHandler - request returned 200

I found a double / in the url between scm and git. So I removed the trailing slash from the forced base url without success. If I try to browse the url, jenkins shows me this message:

No git jobs using repository: http://host/scm//git/Project2 and branches: No git consumers for URI http://host/scm//git/Project2

If I remove the slash, all works fine.

I'm running the jenkins plugin version 1.7

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