Make jira plugin tag [SCM] configurable?

Issue #515 resolved
Ronak Rahman
created an issue

Is there anyway to make the tag of [SCM] different that the scm-jira-plugin adds at the beginning of a commit message comment?

ex: [SCM] This is a step towards blah blah (as described in <a target="_blank" href="http://jira.apptio.lan/browse/JIRA-xxx&amp;quot;&amp;gt;JIRA-xxx&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;).&#10;&#10;Major changes are: - blah blah. - Cleaned up blah blah. - Introduced blah blah. Story: <a target="_blank" href="http://jira.apptio.lan/browse/JIRA-xxx&amp;quot;&amp;gt;JIRA-xxx&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt; - Story: JIRA-xxx - Consolidate server-side and client-side formatting code (the story is not done, this patch is some preparation and clean-up - just enough to use from client side code) Reviewed by: userx, usery, userz

Perhaps I missed it but I don't think this is configurable? If it is set, could it be something that indicates it is an automated process, like: [SCM Auto update]

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  1. Ronak Rahman reporter

    I am not able to see v. 1.12 please advice, I tried again by turning snapshots on as well. Here is what I see in the logs:

    09:05:41.889 [qtp370754169-196] INFO sonia.scm.plugin.DefaultPluginManager - fetch plugin informations from 09:05:49.808 [qtp370754169-26] INFO sonia.scm.plugin.AetherPluginHandler - try to install plugin with gav: sonia.scm.plugins:scm-jira-plugin:1.11

    note we are running v. 1.32 of SCM-Manager.

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