Cannot Push to remote SCM Server

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I get a "not enaugh permissions" error whenever I try to push to scm-manager installed on a remote machine. I am using ActiveDirectory users. I have tried with two different users both configured the same way in SCM-Manager. On one it works, on the other it does not.

I have narrowed down the issue to the fact that fails when trying to open the connection in conn =

I reckon it must be some kind of permission error as it does NOT happen when I am using a different user.

I attached the debug output of the push attempt that failed.

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  1. Hemisphera

    I forgot to add:

    I can freely pull and clone from the server using my user. No problems.

    If I open .hg\hgrc and deactivate the, I can correctly push to the server using my user without problems.

  2. Hemisphera

    OK, I enabled trace logging.

    Somehow I seem to be having issues attaching files here on bitbucket. I have put it into my dropbox again. Here it is:

    Anyway. I have seen that the actual issue is that shiro (i think?) is unable to authenticate the user against AD or at least reports that the credentials are incorrect.

    But on the other hand I am able to log in into SCM-Manager using the same user and password with no problems.

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