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Matthias Schwellenberg
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When using plenty repositories the 1-level-grouping isn't enough to keep a clear view. Currently we use deeper directory structures on the server, e.g.

/scm/git/path/to/repository1 /scm/git/path/to/repository2 /scm/git/path/to/repository3 /scm/git/path/2/repository1 /scm/git/path/2/repository2 ....

but the grouping feature in the web interface only shows two groups named "path/to" and "path/2" and is not able to display this structure.

We would assume the interface to display only one top-level group "path" with two sub-groups "to" and "2" and so on.

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  1. Matthias Schwellenberg reporter

    For us this is a high prio enhancement request. The number of repositories is growing fast. The filter option is very nice but if you don't know the exact name a repo it's hard to find it. So there's a big need to organize repos in a good thought directory structure which is displayed with a good overwiev.

  2. Matthias Schwellenberg reporter

    OK, I think this is a duplicate of Issue #190 (when I understand it right). So this issue is open since mid 2012. Is there a plan to do some improvements to this topic? It's really a critical enhancement request as the amount of our repositories grows and grows.

  3. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    This issue could not be easily fixed, because we use a grouping grid for the repository view and we have to change it to a tree grid. Changing the repository view to a tree grid would break the api and plugins which are using it. Such a breaking change could only be done in a major release.

    The only other change is to create a plugin, which creates a new view and does not touch the existing grid. But plugins would not integrate in that new view.

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