BaseURL should be determined from the request not from the configuration

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Stefan Bechtold
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Hi Sebastian,

the new version of the SCM manager does a create job for us. We have a little enhancement as we are running a apache (with mod_proxy to access the tomcat that serves the scm web app). If we set the baseUrl in the configuration, one of the domains will show up with the wrong settings in the admin interface. We set the baseUrl to /repos (which is the tomcat context for the web app) and the listing works for all domains. If you click on the links you will see the repositories in the browser. But in the info panel it says, e.g. "hg clone /repos/test". We would love to have "hg clone http://<domain>/repos/test" there.

If this is not possible to change, is it possible to have two instances of the web app running as the same user (tomcat)? Currently, it seems that the application always trys to find its config at "~/.scm". This setting should be configurable.

A fix for both would be great, a change for one enough to solve our issue.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner
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    Both solutions are not very easy. I had a lot of trouble to find the real url of the request from mod_proxy and mod_jk, this is why i choose the solution with the base url. The scm-home directory (/.scm) is configurable with a java system property or a environment variable (see findBaseDirectory method of, but this is for the whole process. I will find a way to modify the directory location per webapp.

  2. Stefan Bechtold reporter

    Works great. Having that, we simple let the scm-manager run in two different contexts and point to the different configurations. Thanks for your fast support, we appreciate it.

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