Statistics encode chars wrong

Issue #543 new
created an issue
commit 33338e32818d82b1b4f440b56f978bdf34adb61b
Author: Jonathan Araña Cruz <>
Date:   Sat Dec 15 14:43:22 2012 +0100

    Bring back pm-clone shell-alias example (without --cache) removed in 2a5f0166259ab757990dbb2c956bbe0bec8f222e

Name gets encoded as

<value>Jonathan Ara&amp;ntilde;a Cruz</value>

And in the "Commits per author" its shown as

Jonathan Ara&ntilde;a Cruz

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  1. Jérémie Faucher-Goulet

    Noticed the same issue with my name. Jérémie becomes:


    Apparently I'm cute :)

    On a side note, my name appears properly in the activity panel so it's seems to be specific with this plugin. bad name.PNG

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