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Yuri Yuri
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it would be nice to see list of groups from ldap in Group List.

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  1. Chris Feldhacker

    If this is done, be careful how it's implemented -- our AD has 50,000+ groups! JIRA implements this poorly and tries to load all 50K groups and feeds them to the browser in a drop-down list -- takes a few minutes for the browser to render, and it's hard to scroll through a list of 50K items to find the one you want. Be sure to either page through the results, or make it a search field before displaying groups...

  2. DRayX

    I feel this would likely be an unfeature. I like how at the moment it only loads users that actually log in to the user list, and groups are never added to the group list at all. It doesn't really make sense to show them there as they can't (or at least really shouldn't) be modified through SCM-Manager.

  3. Marcel Huber

    It would be a very useful feature in my opinion. Not to show all available groups by default, but like it is done with LDAP users, after the first time they log in, they will show up in the list.

    Clearly, LDAP groups should be read only, but being able to see assigned users would be a big plus!

  4. DRayX

    I know in our ldap setup users are members of a lot of groups (like north of 100), and we have a lot of users as well. Doing a query to find every user of even the groups that people have logged in as would take forever. I agree that it would be useful to have some way of looking up which users are in which groups, so possibly another admin page that let you search for users and groups, and then see a list of which groups a user is a member of, and which users are a member of a group (sort of like the test login thing, but without a password and being able to go user -> groups and group -> users).

  5. NeoMachine

    +1 this should be done. Groups list can either display paginated list of ll available groups or allow to add group from LDAP / Crowd by some mask. For example, in our company we have multiple groups for separate projects' teams: team-dev-proja, team-dev-projb, etc. Would be nice to see the list of these groups and their type (like in Users panel)

  6. Marcel "childno͡.de" Trautwein

    +1 this is a must have for the ldap auth! Nobody is willing to grant permissions again per person when using LDAP.

    ok, I'm going to fix this next week.... currently trying to get all sources ... Currently not clear for me: What is the right source und fork parent for the ActiveDirectory plugin?

  7. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    You do not have to grant permissions per person. You could use groups for permissions from an external directory (ActiveDirectory, LDAP, PAM or Crowd), but these groups are not displayed in the overview. If you are logged in with a user from an external directory, move your cursor over your username (in the right corner of the bottom) to see the groups of the user.

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