Support "Pull Request" (or "Merge Request") within a single repository

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Brian Pratt created an issue

Our company uses a single central repository, and we utilize the "git flow" workflow to implement features, issues, and releases. This means that rather than having a separate 'forked' repository for every code change, developers do their work within different branches of a single Git repository.

We would like to implement a code review process similar to the "pull request" functionality; but instead of having a "pull request" between two forked repositories, we would like be able to submit a "merge request" - a request for merging two branches within a single repository.

I'm not sure if this makes more sense as a new, standalone plugin, or as an enhancement to the existing "Fork" plugin. Currently within the "Fork" plugin, a developer can only create a pull request from a repository which has been previously "Forked."

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