Issue #573 resolved

jira-plugin has issues changing user and more than one issue id

Ronak Rahman
created an issue


Looks like our jira-plugin/scm-manager does not update user settings" -In general settings, if I change the user that performs the jira comment insertion, it does not get updated. Even after restart. I was able to find the old user id incorrectly being used in the runtime folder even after service restart (<installdir>/.scm/config/repository.xml)

I remember a similar issue where we would have to restart SCM-Manager after user adds, and that would add LDAP users but, this issue requires manual updates to the run time file.

We are using jira plugin 1.12, and SCM-Manager 1.35.



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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    The settings in repository.xml will never be updated if you change global configuration. The jira-plugin will use the per repository configuration, when the configuration is valid and the repository configuration is not disabled.

    Please have a look at the JiraConfigurationResolver.

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