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Brian Carver
created an issue

I just learned of scm-manager and was under the impression it was something of a Bitbucket alternative. Clicking around your site to learn more I was absolutely stunned to see that in order to read the latest release notes I would need to go look at the scm-manager code on Bitbucket. Why isn't scm-manager code managed by an scm-manager instance? Perhaps there's a good reason, but it gives a new arrival such as myself the impression that you don't trust the code enough to use it yourself, so it makes me uneasy about even considering relying on it. There's a phrase for this: eat your own dog food. Something to consider, anyway.

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    SCM-Manager is hosted on bitbucket, because it is free! I trust the codebase of SCM-Manager! I work every day with it in the company i work for. But SCM-Manager is an OpenSource project which is mainly maintained by me in my free time and i've not the time nor the money to host an extra server with an SCM-Manager instance.

  2. Jaap Roes

    Also know that scm-manager and BitBucket have different goals and features. I find scmmanager to be great for internal repository hosting, but I still use BitBucket and GitHub for open source projects.

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