ActiveDirectory Plugin fails on startup when DNS is not ready

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Alan Sieving
created an issue

When trying both the 1.39-2014-0523 and the 1.39-20140601 releases, I ran into an issue where the ActiveDirectory plugin throws an error on startup and fails to authenticate users as a result. (However, I'm pretty sure this problem pre-dates those versions.)

I am running Windows Server 2012, with the server as the only server on the network. It thus is providing DNS and other services in addition to running the scm-server.

When I configure scm-server to start as a service in Automatic mode (but dependent upon the TCP service having started first), it started up during system startup, but the Active Directory Authentication plugin failed to authenticate users. The failure of the plugin can be seen in the attached scm-manager log, at the 13:55 timestamp.

When I set the scm-server service to depend upon DNS, then the authentication plugin works correctly.

Would it maybe be possible to catch the error within the plugin and attempt to retry it for some period of time, rather than letting the error cause a persistent failure of the authentication plugin? I don't know what catch/throw/retry possibilities there are in this environment.

Thanks for your hard work and very useful tool. Let me know if I can do further tests.

Best Regards-

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    Possible fix 9840e361.

    Could you please test the plugin. Follow the steps below to test the plugin:

    You should use scm-server version 1.39-20140601 for the test, to fix the startup issue.

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