Install AD auth plugin

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Pavel Kambalin
created an issue

Hi, I've downloaded plugin from bitbucket ( and upload zip package to web interface. After that scm told me to restart service. I've done that, but no new plugins was appeared in plugins list. Thanks for the help.

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  1. Pavel Kambalin reporter

    Thank you for reply. Unfortunately it's impossible to give internet access (due safety and bureaucracy reasons). Have you any plans for making possible offline plugins installation?

  2. Jan Börner

    You only need internet acces for installtion time. You can try to install SCM-Manager and needed plugins on a machine with internet access and then copy the ".scm" folder in the user directory to the machine without internet access. But I can not guarantee the success.

    Offline plugin installation will be possible in SCM-Manager 2.x which is not released yet.

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