Forking large repositories with Fork plugin produces premature "Repository creation failed" error

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Gábor Stefanik created an issue

We are using scm-manager in a corporate environment to manage several large repos.

Forking a repo of over 10000 commits and >900MB causes a "Repository creation failed" error to appear, while the server is still performing the fork. Eventually, the fork completes without error, but it won't show up in the web interface until I refresh the page.

It appears that client-side scripts in the web interface are timing out prematurely.

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    It looks like the timeout in the ui is too low. The timeout is 30 seconds, i will increase it.

  2. Gábor Stefanik reporter

    That would only increase the repo size where the bug triggers. A proper fix would be sending keep-alive / still-working messages at predefined intervals.

    The repo in question takes about 5 minutes to clone, and probably it will get bigger as development continues.

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