Defining a non-existing Issue ID in a change set leads to "nominal members"

Issue #703 resolved
Matthias Schwellenberg
created an issue

When a user defines an Issue ID which doesn't exist the plugin of course isn't able to submit a comment and leads to a failure. The plugin suggests so resubmit this comment. But of course each resubmit also leads to a failure. There should be a possibility to delete a saved comment from the "resend queue" or to correct the Issue ID (which I think is already possible by deleting/editing the corresponding XML file in the file system prior to resubmission?). Such an action should be logged.

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  1. Matthias Schwellenberg reporter

    Hi Sebastian,

    works fine so far, but it seems as if comments which couldn’t be transferred to JIRA because of an invalid Issue ID are now automatically removed instead of sending the standard mail containing a link for manual deletion (if correction by editing the XML isn’t possible). There are also no log messages indicating that the submission has failed:

    2015-04-17 13:03:05.721 [EventBus-61] INFO sonia.scm.jira.SoapJiraHandler - add comment to issue TES-37

    2015-04-17 13:03:05.894 [EventBus-61] INFO sonia.scm.jira.SoapJiraHandler - logout from jira

    In the above example Issue TES-37 does not exist in JIRA.

    Regards, Matthias

  2. Matthias Schwellenberg reporter

    OK, that's because of an odd behavior in JIRA. The Issue ID in question was moved into an other JIRA Project but seems to be still available internally using the old Issue ID. The comment was appended, too, but not found at first sight becaiuse via the JIRA GUI it's only acessible using the new Project and ID.

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