enable two domain authentication in scm-manager

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Anku Sharma
created an issue


I had install the scm-manager on ubuntu 14.4 and enable the active directory plugin for login authentication.

We have 2 domain (abc.com & xyz.com) and i want both the domain user to login into scm-manager. Currently only one domain user are able to login

can you please help me out ?

Thanks & Regards, Anku Sharma

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  1. Anku Sharma reporter

    Hi Sebastian,

    I want to know the step, how to configure second AD domain in scm-manager. As of know only one AD domain are configured.

    Is it possible to configure two AD domain for authentication?

    Regards, Anku Sharma

  2. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    This should work without any further configuration. The ad plugin is not able to use a second ad controller, which is not connected to the machine which is running scm-manager.

  3. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    OK, you are trying to configure the ldap-plugin and not the active-directory-plugin. The activedirectory-plugin has no configuration and should work out of the box, with multiple domain as i described before. To configure the ldap-plugin for multiple domains, choose the "Custom" profile and check out all the options of the plugin. Do you know the ldap structure of you active directory?

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