Activity plugin unable to collapse more than one instance of a repository

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Jonas Flygare
created an issue

Activity plugin shows activity for repositories day-by-day, with repositories listed multiple times, for the days with activity. The expand/collapse function is a bit shaky and in particular gets confused if the same repository is shown for several days. Collapsing a repository log for one day seem to mark the repository as collapsed, preventing me from collapsing the same repository for another day. Even worse, refreshing the page sometimes with repositories collapsed can leave me with several repositories collapsed, and then I get the same problem but in reverse, being able to only expand one instance. Forcing a complete page reload seem to work to resolve the problem.

[-] repo1
  activity1 DATE1
  activity2 DATE1
  activity3 DATE1
[-] repo2
  activity4 DATE1
[-] repo1
  activity5 DATE2

Collapsing repo1 for DATE1, makes it impossible to collapse repo1 for DATE2 and vice versa.

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