svnkit - svn: E140000: Can't read length line from file \db\format

Issue #785 invalid
Stefan Maus
created an issue

We are using the SCM-Manager for GIT. Now we have the requirement to support SVN repositories. We have created a SVN repository and just tried to initialize it. As SVN client we are using a codesys based IDE.

I don’t have much experience with SVN, but a strange log message was logged:

DEBUG svnkit - svn: E140000: Can't read length line from file D:\Repositories\Subversion\SVNTest\db\format

We are not able to use any SVN repository.

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  1. kupferdings

    Hello, is there any progress on resolving this issue? I would highly appreciate any help as this issue is a real showstopper and blocking us from establishing SCM Manager as the primary repository server.

    If you you need any help I will be more than happy providing you any requested information and doing tests helping you to identify and solve the issue.

    Best regards

  2. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    The "Can't read length line from file \db\format" log message is a debug message and has no impact on svn operations. Please open a new issue, if you have any impacts using svn repositories with scm-manager.

  3. kupferdings

    Hello, many thanks for your answer!

    I followed your advice and opened a new issue #798, as we are still unable to use a SVN Repository with SCM Manager and the mentioned IDE. I attached a screenshot from the error message to the new issue and would appreciate any help on solving the issue.

    Best regards

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