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It would be nice if the jenkins plugin would support the "new" notifyCommit feature in addition to the current trigger implementation. (see the Push Notifications section)

Similar features exist for the git and svn plugins.

Ideally if this was implemented it could be either a global configuration or per repository configuration. (We would prefer a global configuration since all our repositories are built on one build server, but I could see others having a need for a per-repository configuration).

Definitely not a big deal; it would just be one of those "nice to have" features.

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner

    I've released version 1.1 of the jenkins plugin. The version 1.1 can use the notifyCommit feature of git and mercurial. Just update the plugin over the plugin center and configure the url of your jenkins server (Config->General->Jenkins Configuration). Note: The notifyCommit feature is only used if no jenkins configuration is found on the repository (old configuration style).

    Could you please test the new version?

  2. pmv reporter

    Initial testing looks great. We don't currently use git, so I couldn't test that, but for mercurial it works exactly as I had hoped. Thank you!

  3. pmv reporter
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    This may sound silly, but this appears to only work if I have debug logging turned on, i.e., <logger name="sonia.scm.jenkins" level="DEBUG" />

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