Cannot pull from repository if run as service

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I'm experiencing a issue pulling an entire mercurial repository from scm-server. It is installed as a debian package on Ubuntu 14.04, version 1.46.

When I pull from the repository (the server is exposed directly, not through a reverse proxy), I'll get the error:

zlib.error: Error -3 while decompressing: invalid code lengths set

in the console (pulling from windows).

Investigating the issue I've tried to manually run the server manually. If run as scm user it presents the same error. If run as "root" the server works correctly.

So I think that the problem is due to some permission issue, but I cannot find nothing related into the logs (i also enabled logging), so I have no idea on what is going wrong.

I've seen that on the site the last version is the 1.46, but there are snapshots for 1.47, but it's not available as a deb package.

Thanks, Stefano.

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