Unable to log into SCM Manager

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Richard Cousins created an issue

Been using SCM Manager for some time now and over the weekend something broke. Users are no longer able to log into the SCM Manager using their domain credentials. I tested mine and am unable as well. Seems I am no longer able to log in as scmadmin either. I verified the account was still active and the password was the same in users.xml I have rebooted the server. I don't have much knowledge in Linux or the SCM Manager, I did not set it up, just inherited. Any logs that may help I can try and get. Ubuntu server 12.04.5 LTS SCM Manager 1.44

Thanks a lot

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  1. Richard Cousins reporter

    Sorry, meant to mention the error message: Incorrect username, password or not enough permission. Please Try again. Happens with any log in I try.

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