pathwp-plugin has no "auto-completion"

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Lukas created an issue

The auto-completion (giving suggestions after typing the first 4 letters) is an essential feature for us.

Especially at the Path-Write-Protection you can easily do mistakes and there is no feedback if the entered path is correct.

The auto-completion is also not working for users and groups, which is probably a bug (?)

Please add the auto-completion for the paths, users and groups in the pathwp-plugin. This lack of feature would prevent us from migrating to the scm-manager.

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  1. sakshi sood

    It is indeed very much required. There is no auto completion feature in Path-Write protection plugin.I am not able to manage permissions properly using this path write protection plugin. Also, I don't think anyone is going to reply to the questions posted .Any idea how to buy support ?

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I didn't say that, I simply mentioned that if you want this issue to be resolved quickly, there is a payed support option (because sakshi sood asked if there is an option for that). The difference to the groupmanager plugin is that we (Cloudogu GmbH) developed the plugin, hence we feel the obligation to solve upcoming issues.

    Commercial support has the advantage that you can report a ticket to us and we start working on it right away, with community support you have to wait until someone solves it.

    Sorry for going a bit off topic.

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