Branch Write Protection Plugin does not handle git tags

Issue #865 resolved
Kevin A.
created an issue

Environment: Windows Machine SCM Mangaer V 1.49 branchwp-plugin V. 1.3

When the Branch write protection is enabled, users in the whitelist (works fine with Owners) are not able to push new tags even if configured like: Branch: * Name: developer1 IsGroup: No Deny: No

$ git tag TEST
$ git push origin TEST


 ! [remote rejected] TEST -> TEST (unspecified reason)
error: failed to push some refs to 'http://localhost:8080/scm/git/usinelogicielle/env_generator.git'

This command returns a "java.lang.NullPointerException: null" error

In the branchwp-plugin, Is it possible to handle Git references (branches & tags) with git syntax "refs/tags/" ("refs/heads/") ?

For more info about this error see attached log file (Extracted from my local SCM Manager test server)

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  1. Kevin A. reporter

    Hi, Thanks a lot for your quick reply! I tried with the snapshot: It works fine! Do you know when you will release the next SCM Manager version (with this fix :) ) ?

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