Full Checkout fails with a certain repository

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Lukas created an issue

Hey there,

some certain repositories fail at a full checkout (using TortoiseSVN) with the following error message:

"REPORT of '/svn/p_2005_lbb/!svn/vcc/default': Chunk delimiter was invalid"

Another user (who probably has another TortoiseSVN version) is getting the error:

"Internal Error"

If you update the repository afterwards, everything works fine.

This problem exists since we migrated to the scm-manager from an Apache based SVN solution (so just the server and not the clients were updated).

We are currently running scm-manager within Tomcat (server.xml attached) but the problem also occurred when running within the bundled Jetty as well as with and without a reverse proxy in front.

best regards, Lukas

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner
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    Is there something special about your repository (very large, large files in it, a lot of commits, lot of files, filenames with special characters, commit messages with special characters in it)?

  2. Lukas reporter

    We don't think anymore the problem is within your SCM-Manager.

    Because we are able to checkout perfectly fine if we use http instead of https, the problem is most likely the SSL Connector.

    At the moment we use JavaSSL but we want to use OpenSSL (because we think it will cause less problems and potentially also fix this one), but our Linux-Admin has problems installing it.

    Can you please help us setting up OpenSSL with tomcat? Maybe provide some exemplary settings that work? (we don't want to use jetty, because it caused exponentially increasing CPU-Load)

    thank you & best regards Lukas

  3. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    I'm not sure how you will use OpenSSL with tomcat. Do you want to use a reverse proxy like nginx or apache? Or do you want to use the native connector of tomcat which uses apr?

  4. Lukas reporter

    Thank you for your response!

    We want to use the tomcat native connector with OpenSSL. If we fail to integrate OpenSSL, do you have some tuning hints how to correctly configure JavaSSL in Tomcat for SCM-Manager?

    Unfortunately our current setup of the JavaSSL causes the problems with Subversion full checkouts.

    Our server.xml should be attached in the first post.

    thank you & best regards Lukas

  5. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    I've encountered some problems with ssl and openjdk. I've never problems with the oracle jdk. Which java version do you use?

  6. Lukas reporter

    jep, it also didn't work for us with openjdk

    but now we use the java connector "blocking io" instead of "non-blocking io" and now everything works fine ^^

    issue can be closed, thanks for your help :-)

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