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dchincom created an issue

I'm having some difficulty moving my SCM Manager install to a new server. I copied over the entire SCM-Server folder to a new machine, and I copied my repository directory too. On the new machine, when I start up, I imported my repository, but I no longer have any of my users, and the entire repository is missing information about the repo creator, contact, and descriptions.

How do I move/clone my entire scm-manager setup to my new server?

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  1. dchincom reporter

    Just an update. My systems are Windows Servers. I figured out there is a .scm folder in some of the user accounts that run on my current server... The problem is I'm not sure which one is the correct one... They all seem out of date. The scm-server runs as a service using the "Local System account" in the service's "Log on as". So, if that's the case, I don't know what config files are used.

  2. dchincom reporter

    OK, well, I just resolved this myself. In case anyone needs to do this here is what needed to happen. In my situation, the old SCM-Server runs as a Windows service, and by default, that service uses the "Local Account". SCM-Manager creates a .scm folder in the user folder of the user running the server. So, if you were logged in and started the scm-server, then that user will have a .scm folder with all the config data in it. In the case of the "Local Account" that runs the service, Windows keeps the local account here: c:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile In this folder I found the .scm folder, which I then copied to the same location on my new machine. I had to tweak the config files in this folder to use the proper machine name and I moved my repository from the C Drive to the E Drive. Lastly, I created the service on the new server by running the "scm-server install".

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