Repositories.xml file corrupt resulting in SCM-Manager not starting up.

Issue #876 open
Will_o_Wisp NA created an issue

Using 1.48 of SCM-Manager, we all of a sudden got this error:

HTTP ERROR: 503 Problem accessing /scm/. Reason: service unavailable powered by jetty://

After a lot of comparison against a clean config installation I noticed that the Repositories.xml file suddenly was 0 bytes in size and no longer a valid XML files. SCM-Manager does not seem to handle this very well since it refused to start up without any clear information of why.

So that should be addressed, but more importantly what can have caused the file to be completely empty?

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner
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    I'm not sure, if we need a special handling for an invalid repositories.xml, because this should never happen and i've never seen an empty one. I think it is the right choice to fail on start, if the repositories.xml is invalid to indicate that failure as early as possible.

    Did you manually edit the file? Or do you have custom plugin (self written)? Or external processes (backups programs such as rsync etc.) working on the scm home directory?

  2. Will_o_Wisp NA reporter

    The special handling should at least be that it more clearly explains why the server cannot start. Now I spent quite a few hours before realizing that the repositories.xml files was corrupt. Best thing would be to allow server to start and when browsing the web app a dialog could be presented explaining what happened, for example.

    No manual edits, no custom plugins, no backups or anything using that directory. The only new thing now compared to earlier, was the fork plugin being tested.

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