SVN Plugin's commit and source URL are wrong

Issue #889 resolved
bardelotnzl created an issue

This bug happens if a baseUrl is configured for SCM-Manager (behind a reverse proxy in my case).

When in the "Repositories" view:

  • if you select a repository in the list and look at the links called "Commits" and "Source" in the first tab on the low part of the GUI, those linkes are OK: they use the baseUrl configured for SCM-Manager
  • but if in the same screen you click on the URL (last column in the list of repositories), and then you check the "Commits" and "Source" links provided, they are wrong: they do not take into account the baseUrl of SCM-Manager

This seems like a regression. It worked for me in previous versions of SCM-Manager/ of the SVN Plugin.

See also: Issue #748

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