Better ARM-Linux support.

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Jason Daniels
created an issue


ARM Computer Type: Odroid-U3

Processor Type: armv7l

Linux Kernel Version: Linux

Linux Dsitribution: Ubuntu 14.04


Installation per website instructions works fine. service startup fails

sudo service scm-server start


SCM-Server will now be started
/opt/scm-server/bin/scm-server: line 171: /opt/scm-server/libexec/jsvc-linux-armv7l: No such file or directory

Misc Info

I confirmed the jsvc package was installed

sudo apt-get install jsvc


Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
jsvc is already the newest version.

Once I get my Raspberry Pi 3 in I'll try it on one of those too. (~1 week from now) However, as another ARM computer I suspect I'll run into the same thing.

My motivation for trying this: A colleague has a Raspberry Pi he's trying to get setup to act as an SVN server, but dislikes command-lines and config file editing. I offered to help him search for something suitable as a graphical or pseudo-graphical interface. So far yours has come closest!

If you want me to run tests, compile stuff...etc let me know. I'm willing to pitch in to see this work.

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  1. Jason Daniels reporter

    I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me sooner, but I managed to get it up and running with the following:

    ln -s /usr/bin/jsvc /opt/scm-server/libexec/jsvc-linux-armv7l

    So it seems that on linux (debian based) systems you could add a dependency to the jsvc package, and just use the one in the path, or script the sym-linking of the target item.

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