Option "Rest API v2" of JIRA plugin is not saved

Issue #900 resolved
Christoph Giess created an issue

Rest API v2 has to be set after each start of SCM-Manager as it is not stored in the JIRA configuration file (/var/lib/scm/config/jira.xml on my Debian system)

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    I can't reproduce the issue, after changing the checkbox the value of the jira configuration changes:


    Do you change the global configuration or a repository configuration?

  2. Christoph Giess reporter

    I just figured out what went wrong.

    The scm-manager did not have write permissions on the configuration file. This was also logged to scm-server.err

    java.io.FileNotFoundException: /var/lib/scm/config/jira.xml (Permission denied)

    but not shown in the UI after clicking on "Save". After correcting the permissions the configuration file was updated with the <rest-api-enabled> line.

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