SCM 1.51 creates incompatible repository with subversion tools

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Luděk Finstrle created an issue


I created new repository with scm manager version 1.51. Remotely almost everything works ok (I just can't use 1.8 client - no idea why). But then I want to backup the repository with svnadmin dump locally and I can't.

subversion 1.8 and lower is not able to work with repository version 7 (that's ok). subversion 1.9 is not able to work with the repository because of wrong db/uuid:

svnadmin dump /svn/scm/repos/test

svnadmin: E070014: Can't read file '/svn/scm/repositories/luf/db/uuid': End of file found

I created new repository with svnadmin tool and it works perfectly. I took a look inside both db/uuid and the difference is that scm has only one line with one uuid while subversion created two lines with two different uuids.

I used google and find (follow the links for details):

I'm sure this is a bug in scm or java libraries. Can you suggest me any way how to backup my repositories?

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner
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    I could not reproduce this issue. Which exact version of subversion do you use on the client and which compatibility mode do you use?

  2. Luděk Finstrle reporter

    Interesting ...

    My server is on CentOS 7.3, running scm 1.51 in jetty 9.03 (CentOS). Java version: java-1.8.0-openjdk- I tried compatibility "No compatibility modus" and "With 1.7 Compatible". I have no idea what else can I report about my server.

    Remote access: Remote clients which doesn't work: Win7 + tortoisesvn 1.8.x, Ubuntu 14.04 + svn 1.8.x Same remote clients with tortoisesvn 1.9 or svn 1.9 works ok. This is not a big problem. We upgraded clients to latest version.

    svnadmin dump problem is on server with several 1.9 versions. I tested 1.9.3 and subversion-1.9.5-1.x86_64. This problem is related to <svn repo>/db/uuid. scm created db/uuid only with one uuid line while svnadmin created two uuid lines. Workaround is to generate uuid with uuidgen and edit db/uuid file (add new line with newly created uuid). After that svnadmin dump is working correctly. However this is not nice as we have to do it for every new svn repository.

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