SVN checkout hang on binary file

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Martin Liu created an issue


I use scm-manager/svn to manage binary patches. Everything works great until someday we found that we cannot checkout a folder which contains a executable binary file (svn client freezed). Fortunately we have a working copy so we can continue our work on that. After check on the working copy, I found the svn:mime-type prop of this binary file wasn't set to "application/octet-stream", maybe this is the cause of the issue.

When scm-manager 1.51 released, we upgrade our system into the newest version but no lucky.

Environment: OS: Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 (PVE kernel 4.4.49-86) Version: 1.51 deb

The attachment is scm-server.err.

Workaround 1. remove subversion submits with this issue on the server side. 2. checkout last version. 3. "svn rm" the binary file cause problem then submit. 4. re-add the binary file with --auto-prop parameter then submit. 5. problem resolved.

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