Configurable blob storage path of git-lfs

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Kevin Lewe
created an issue

The file path from the blob storage used by git-lfs should be configurable.

Acutal the SCM-Manager stores the blobs for each repository below "%SCM_HOME%/var/blob". Similar to the configuration option of the git repository directory on the "Repository Config" tab, it should also be possible to set the desired location to store the git-lfs contents.

In our environment we place the repositories on a separate device with enough storage capacity so it would be nice to store the git-lfs storage next to it instead of the %SCM_HOME% location.

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  1. Sebastian Sebastian repo owner
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    It is not easy as it seems, because the lfs implementation uses the blob api of SCM-Manager and this api does not provide any options to access the file system or change the location of the store. This is because the api allows to use a different implementation instead of the default file based api.

    I think you have the following options:

    • move the whole scm home directory
    • create a link from the blob store directory to your preferred location
    • create your own blob store implementation, which allows a location change
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