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Andrew Gingery
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I've been running SCM Manager 1.53 committing to it from a cygwin-compiled git client 2.12 been working fine. today I updated to git 2.13.2 and none of today's commits are visible in SCM Manager

If I clone the repo to a new location, none of my commits are there.

I had a similar problem awhile back that seemed to require me to update my git client to work with this newish version of SCM Manager. We also run an old not-upgraded version of SCM Manager at 1.17 I can work wit hthe 1.17 version just fine using the same git.

Any idea what might be going on?

There are no errors

From the client side, I seemed to be committing fine

nothing off in the SCM-Manager log

I'm baffled...

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  1. Dominik Broj

    Have you pushed your changes to the server? (git push)

    Executing git status should show something like this:

    $ git status
    On branch master
    Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.
  2. Andrew Gingery reporter

    Hi and thanks,

    yes, I pushed quite a few times, always with no error. git status showed up-to-date.

    I finally: 1. stopped the SCM server process 2. moved my checked out files 3. started the scm-manager process again 4. re-cloned the repo in a new place 5. cp -Ra 'd my files back into the newly cloned repo 6. needed to add a couple, then commit, including the other changed files 7. pushed

    Things seems back to normal. This is the second time I've had strange problems with scm-manager solved by restarting the server, despite no apparent errors logged in the clients or the server. Maybe I should turn up the log level? Our old 1.17 instance of scm-manager has never acted like this, for whatever that's worth.

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