web view of repository creates http links (not https) for here, Commits, Source

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p.barth created an issue

when accessing a repo via the web the initial web view is fine. On that page at the end there is the text.

This page is only a quick source view for subversion. The full source view is here.

containing three links. For all of these three links the URL starts with http and not https as it should be (the browsing of the files uses https correctly). Manually adding https after a 404 gives back the correct screen and lets you browse. It is just the entry screen that seems to be wrong.

We get a 404 because we are behind an apache2 reverse proxy and only forward (thus restricting to) https.

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  1. p.barth reporter

    rather simple straight forward configuration

    ProxyPreserveHost On
    ProxyRequests Off
    ProxyPass /scm http://localhost:3001/scm
    ProxyPassReverse /scm http://localhost:3001/scm

    we use internally http via a non-public port and route https traffic from 443 to that port. Port 80 is also not open. For our infrastructure i temporarily fixed it by opening 80 and forcing an https redirect via apache configuration. A fix generating https links instead would be better though.

  2. thunderliu

    Same here, we use apache reverse proxy to forware https/443 to http/8080. The three links still shows link to 8080. Reading the page source shows all these links are absolute links instead of relative.

    PS: Using latest 1.60 here

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