Remove repository - delete or unregister

Issue #996 resolved
Andy Fisher
created an issue

Add an option to remove a repository from list without deletion from disk.

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  1. Former User

    Hi Andy, I'm not sure if I understand you correctly: you want to be able to delete a repository from the SCM-Manager UI, but you want to keep it on your disk?

    If that's what you want, what do you want to achieve with this?

  2. Andy Fisher reporter

    Yes. It's that I want.

    It would be useful for migration and removal the old repositories with option to get them back again in the easy way. The same feature is present e.g. on VM hypervisors. One can remove the VM from the console but leave it's image on the disk for further use.

    Another option could be looking like this: When you add a repository from directory, SCM lists all new found repositories. And then you can select those ones that should be added to the UI.

  3. Sebastian Sdorra repo owner

    This feature is already implemented, it is called "Repository Archive" and can be enabled with the "Enable repository archive" in the "General Settings" section of the SCM-Manager configuration.

    After enabling the feature, an Archive Button is shown in the repository overview (after refreshing your Browser). With the archive button you can remove a repository from the repository list.

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